Finesse2Tymes Responds to Accusations that His Brother Impersonated Him at Alabama Show [Photo + Video]

As expected, there’s another side to the story when it comes to Finesse2tymes’ most recent concert controversy. Moreover, a party promoter claimed that the Memphis star scammed him for $40K for a Huntsville, Alabama club appearance, for which he allegedly sent out his brother to impersonate him.

via: Complex

XXL reports that the Memphis native was set to perform at a Huntsville, Alabama club. Someone of a similar build, wearing a balaclava mask and Finesse2Tymes’ jewelry rapped his songs on stage, but many think it wasn’t him.

It’s thought that it was Finesse’s brother who actually performed instead. Video of Finesse arguing with the show promoter on FaceTime made the rounds online, and the show’s host, Kendra Fletcher, also commented on the incident on Facebook.

“So the mfs really gon bring a MF that’s not Finesse2Tymes my brother BIG V that brought him have every right to be mad,” she wrote. “N***a made a drop and everything Hell I’m mad for him cause he paid that man 20k UPFRONT got the receipt and 20k on the back end that lil b***h with the short blonde hair they brought with the FAKE took the money from him that he gave to him in the back I SEEN IT with my own eyes and drove TF off when everybody was trying to stop the car they was in OUTSIDE as they was pullin off. So a total of 40k down the drain that they spent smh.”

According to the outlet, Finesse2Tymes shared a statement via his Instagram Story.

“Just before anybody do anything. Just in case they post. I’m out here, in the city,” he said in the clip. “I’m at the Spring Hill Suites. Just in case a n***a say I didn’t pull up to they city. I came.”

He also says that the person who performed wasn’t his impersonator, but an opening act. “I let my opening act come on stage,” he added. “That n***a was drunk and full of that Fentanyl and damn-near died. I’m gone.”

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