Fat Joe Apologizes to Vita and Lil Mo After Calling Out Ja Rule’s ‘Dusty B*tches’ During ‘Verzuz’ [Photos + Video] | lovebscott.com

Fat Joe Apologizes to Vita and Lil Mo After Calling Out Ja Rule’s ‘Dusty B*tches’ During ‘Verzuz’ [Photos + Video]

Fat Joe has apologized for comments he made about Lil Mo and Vita during his Verzuz against Ja Rule, who brought the rappers out to perform “Put It on Me.”

via: Radar Online

The 51-year-old old-school hip-hop artist made the shocking remarks during Tuesday night’s Verzuz battle against Ja Rule.

Verzuz is a webcast series that was created by producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz at the height of the coronavirus pandemic to allow musical contemporaries to face off in a “battle” of skill.

Trash-talking almost always comes with the territory, but Fat Joe took it to a whole new level with the insults he hurled at the female members of Ja Rule’s crew, which included Lil’ Mo and Vita.

“You got all them other dusty b—hes back there, Ja. Let’s not go back!” Joe shouted into his microphone. “You gotta feed these girls something. You gotta feed these girls some food, Ja. That’s what I mean. My b—hes is rich.”

He later added, “You gotta go to the crack house to find them b—hes!”

The backlash was instant.

“I hope they light fat joe ass up tomorrow for being so disrespectful to lil mo and vita,” tweeted one critic. “That was so disgusting and disappointing.”

“Fat joe and his disrespect of lil mo and vita can’t go unchecked,” added another, while a third pointed out that he also used the N-word. (Joe is not Black.)

“We discussing Fat Joe disrespect af to the Black queens Lil Mo and Vita as well as saying the N word or nah?” wondered that dissenter. “I turned the Verzuz off because he was WACK AF!!!”

Upon waking up this morning to see that his name was trending for all the wrong reasons, Joe decided to tweet out a mea culpa to his “sisters” – one of whom’s name he misspelled – “if” he disrespected them.

“Shout out to the ladies very sorry if i disrespected i love vida and lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters,” he shared.

The response to that was not great, either.

“Tell him to delete that fake apology can’t even spell the girls name right,” commented one upset fan.

“If?? I hate a backhanded apology,” added another, while a third echoed that “‘if’ should never be in an apology.”


This itself was then met with further criticism:


As previously mentioned, Vita and Lil Mo weren’t the only guests at the Verzuz event. Ja Rule also found the time to bring out Ashanti, who performed with Fat Joe as well. Remy Ma made an appearance, too.

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