Fan Appears to Throw Water on GloRilla After Glo Doesn't Perform, GorRilla Responds

GloRilla got water thrown at her by an unruly fan after she left an afterparty where she was reportedly supposed to perform but never hit the stage.

via: HipHopDX

Footage of the incident circulated online and showed Big Glo being escorted by a team of people as a woman threw a drink at her and began cursing at the rapper. The Memphis native saw the woman and pointed her out as a security team was moving her to safety.

A woman on Glo’s side started arguing with the angry fan after the rapper kept pointing her out, and those two almost came to blows before security intervened.

“Fuck you bitch, weak ass bitch,” the fan yells in the video before she spits in GloRilla’s direction. You can see the clip below.

It’s not fully clear what led to the altercation, but GloRilla was reportedly paid $30,000 to perform at a club in Oakland, California. Things went smoothly when she showed up, but quickly took a turn when Glo didn’t perform for an unspecified reason.

GloRilla was being promoted as a live show by promoter Con B.

“She will be performing live…” Con shared on Instagram yesterday. “Not hosting. Not a walkthrough. She will be performing live in Oakland, [Calif.] tonight.”

After receiving backlash from people who said he false advertised, Con B reacted on his Instagram Story.

“The crazy thing about this situation, this bitch got so many blog sites inboxing me,” he said in a selfie video. “This shit is crazy. Nigga woke up to a viral moment. Just give me my money back. After that, we ain’t gotta put you on blast.”

He later shared the alleged contract he sent GloRilla, which notes the total as $31,000 for a “performance by GloRilla.”

“This first contract before we switched venue and they wanted $5K more. I don’t gotta lie about a walkthrough,” Con wrote on the post.

GloRilla has spoken out on the incident, sounding off on Twitter to inform fans that she wasn’t booked to perform, only for a hosting.

Glo tweeted this afternoon, “No way you think I’m performing when you paid for a hosting crazy tail self.”

She also appears to have addressed claims that a fan spat on her during the incident, writing, “Ain’t no ho spit on shit !!!!! Ask dat ho how ha face feel doe.” She later added, “I’m so mad dat I can get sued for slapping you hoes !!???but you hoes still can get slapped bitch.”

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