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‘F— Joe Biden’: Donald Trump Jr. Twitter Account Taken Over By Hackers Who Post His Father Died and Attack The President

Donald Trump Jr.’s account on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter appeared to be hacked early Wednesday.

via: Radar Online

The hackers who took over control of Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter account told his followers the ex-president had died and that his oldest son would be running for office, RadarOnline.com has learned.

On Wednesday morning, Don Jr.’s account posted the message, “I’m sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away. I will be running for president in 2024.”

The hackers then posted a message praising crypto-investor Richard Heart writing that he is “innocent.”

The message said, “when I become president, I am going to burn the SEC.” Later, the hacker wrote, “This just in: North Korea is about to get smoked.” The SEC charged Heart with defrauding investors.

Another tweet posted by the hacker read, “some interesting messages with Jeffrey Epstein.”

Another message read “f— Joe Biden. Stupid A–” and then the hacker used the N-word. The last message posted read, “I also f—– your girl btw @loganpaul.”

A spokesperson for Trump Jr said, “FYI: This is obviously not true. Don’s account has been hacked.”

Many on social media were quick to realize the account had been hacked. While others were confused with one writing, “My heart stopped.”

The former president didn’t seem too fazed by the fake news that he died spreading around Twitter.

Trump was busy on his social media platform Truth Social blasting Biden for his speech this week at the United Nations. At the event, Biden promised to continue to support Ukraine.

“If we allow Ukraine to be carved up, is the independence of any nation secure? I respectfully suggest the answer is no. We have to stand up to this naked aggression today and deter other would-be aggressors tomorrow,” Biden said.

“That’s why the United States, together with our allies and partners around the world, will continue to stand with the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their sovereignty and territorial integrity and their freedom,” Biden added.

Trump was not a fan of the speech writing, “If I would have made that speech yesterday at the United Nations, for all of the World to see, including the HORRENDOUS delivery, I would have been run out of politics! An EMBARRASSMENT to our Country.”

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