Exclusive: Oakland Raiders' Offensive Lineman Trenton Brown Accused of Assault and Battery in Domestic Violence Lawsuit [Court Docs + Photos]

Trenton Brown, offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders and the highest paid offensive lineman in NFL history, is being accused of domestic violence in a new lawsuit filed by former girlfriend Diorra Marzette-Sanders.

Specifically, the claims against Trenton are listed as Assault, Battery, and Breach of a Non-Martial Contract.

According to the complaint, Diorra and Trenton entered into a Non-Marital Contract in California, where they agreed to spend the rest of their lives together, start a family, and Trenton would provide for the family financially for the rest of their lives. In exchange, Diorra would take care of the household, children, and support Trenton both physically and emotionally in his career as an NFL player.

The have one son together.

During their course of their relationship, the complaint alleges that Trenton was abusive and physically hit and assaulted Diorra on multiple occasions.

In photos obtained exclusively by lovebscott.com, Diorra can be seen with a chipped tooth sustained suffered after Trenton allegedly shoved her phone in her face, bruises on her arm, a busted lip, and a swollen face.

Several other incidents are detailed in the complaint — including where Trenton allegedly choked Diorra until she couldn’t breathe and slapped her in the face.

He also is said to have demeaned and humiliated her, calling her “bitch” and “worthless.”

Diorra’s attorney, Waukeen McCoy, released the following statement:

“Accountability is important for all individuals, regardless of their profession. I am proud that my client is taking a stand and setting an example for all women who are in a similar situation.”

You can take a look at the complaint in its entirety as well as evidence photos below.

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