Erykah Badu Confronts 'Rude' Fans For Leaving During Her Performance [Video]

At a recent performance, Erykah Badu took the opportunity to call out fans she spotted leaving the show early.

via: AceShowbiz

In a video surfacing online, the 52-year-old musician could be seen stopping her performance to call out the said attendees. “Excuse me, where are y’all going?” she yelled from the stage.

“This is rude. Motherf**ker I’m singing! Where are you going?” Erykah further argued. The confrontation didn’t last long though as she continued singing shortly after.

Many have since weighed in on the clip. “What if they just had to use the bathroom,” one Instagram user asked, while another shared their story, “Big Erykah fan here .. Drove from Hou to Dallas for her Bday concert. Super excited. This whanch didn”t come out til 4 hours later.”

“Ppl were leaving left and right. I couldn’t stand no longer I jus left. Never again I’m sorry. Concerts ain’t s**t no more. Nobody really watching or vibing jus phones recording,” the individual further explained. “I’ll watch from IG.”

A different person commented, “I left too. The concert was horrible. I love her but the remix of every song made it impossible to catch a vibe. The sound was horrible. I left too.” Someone else chimed in, “Love E but she be playing with peoples time and money. 3 hrs late means past my bedtime.”

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