Erica Mena Threatened To Be Sued By Alleged Robber Following Burglar Claims [Photos]

Safaree Samuels & Erica Mena’s home was robbed over the weekend & Erica has been sharing information about the alleged thieves.

via: AceShowbiz

“Unfortunately over the weekend my house was robbed,” so Erica wrote on the blue bird app. Offering a reward for anyone who could give her information about the incident, the TV personality added, “There is now a $20,000 cash reward to anyone who can lead us in arresting all those involved. You can remain anonymous please DM me or Safaree.”

To back it up, Erica shared photos which were seemingly from a surveillance video featuring two men in what looked like the living room of her home. Additionally, one of the alleged suspects shared on his social media account wearing the chain with the face of the couple’s daughter, Safire.

Later, Erica posted a snap of a woman, who was identified as “Christy Mahone”, whom she believed to be one of the robbers. According to Erica, the woman wore her jewelry in addition to having several of her stolen purses in her possession.

In response to the accusations, Christy denied them in an Instagram Story post. “All i have is my watch i just bought [eye roll emoji] & cheap as Tiffany jewelry,” so she wrote. “[And] her purses [eye roll emoji] I have like 8purses [eye roll emoji] If we just paid 10k for the mansion and owe this man 7k for party damages what we look like stealing or me wearing any of your things , I DONT EVEN FOLLOW YOU OR YO DUDE . IM NOT INTO YALL LIFESTYLES , i HAVE MY OWN.”

Christy also threatened to sue Erica as she posted a video that showed she was on the phone with her attorney, “Lawyer Arie.” Meanwhile, the man who was seen wearing Safaree’s chain, denied being involved in the burglarm though Erica shared some screenshots in which Charles Garrett or Charlee Famous admitted to comitting the crime.

Hopefully they get their stuff back.

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