'Empire' Star Ta'Rhonda Jones Says She Was Named After Her Mom's TWO Boyfriends, Neither Turned Out to Be Her Father [Video]

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Ta’Rhonda Jones’ character “Porsha” on FOX’s Empire isn’t part of the Lyon family, but her brief appearances alongside “Cookie” have been enough to make her one of our favorite characters.

Now, Ta’Rhonda is an undeniably unique name (*side-eye* @ Raven) and during a recent appearance on CONAN, Ta’Rhonda broke down the story of its origin.

She says her mom named her after not one, but TWO of the men she was dating at the same time.

“My mother was dating two men at the same time, Tyrone and Ronny,” said Ta’Rhonda. She continued to explain that her mom wasn’t sure who her dad was so she decided to name her after them BOTH.

As it turned out, NEITHER one of the two men was Ta’Rhonda’s dad. Her actual dad’s name is Derrick.

Still, the confusion didn’t stop Ta’Rhonda’s mom from “pimping” out both men to make sure all of her baby’s needs were taken care of.

Watch the funny-yet-kinda-sad video below.

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