Dr. Dre Ordered To Add $1.5M To Cover Estranged Wife's Legal Fees In Divorce

Dr. Dre has been ordered to pay seven figures in legal fees to his estranged wife, Nicole Young, as their bitter divorce case continues to play out in Los Angeles.

via: AceShowbiz

Sources tell the site the charges are a result of Nicole hiring top family law experts, Samantha Spector and Lisa Helfend Meyer, who have “significant years of experience in family law and have extensive practical experience in complex family law matters.”

The order from the judge reads, “Considering the level of the case’s complexity, and the issues involved, an attorney of their level and skill is reasonably necessary; and therefore, the various hourly rates of the primary and secondary attorneys participating in this litigation are reasonable and justifiable.”

“Considering what is just and reasonable and using the Court’s own experience and knowledge that the payee’s reasonable fees are $3,000,000.00 and costs are $550,000.00 [sic].”

Adding that to the previous payments, the cost for Nicole’s lawyers has now exceeded $4 million (£3 million).

Meanwhile, according to the court order, the former couple’s split assets amount to approximately $39 million (£28.5 million) for Nicole and an estimated $243 million (£177.9 million) for Dre.

The latest payments only run up to July 2021, according to The Blast, and both sides are now being encouraged to meet and confer over what the costs might be to take the case to trial.

Meanwhile, Dre also recently filed a separate lawsuit against Nicole for allegedly “stealing” about $350 million out of a recording studio business in Sherman Oaks, Calif., in which they were both involved.

But according to The Blast, Nicole had already returned the money in question, and that it was taken out of an account the couple shared during their marriage, which she was entitled to do.

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