Double Take: Jada Pinkett-Smith vs. Kim Kardashian

This amazing french vanilla colored Tom Ford Backless Zipper Dress is making the rounds. First seen on Kim Kardashian at the BET awards this past July, now at the Toronto International Film festival yesterday on the beautiful Jada Pinkett-Smith; And if that was not enough, their hairstyles were extremely similar as well, as both rocked Pompadour type coifs.

I mean for the love of Balenciaga, was Mrs. Pinkett-Smith not watching the BET awards?! Nonetheless, she still looked absolutely stunning as second to wear this fabulous Tom Ford dress; second in this color that is. Other celebs have donned this sexy dress in other colors. J-Lo wore the deep orange version for her B-day in July as well!

So the question remains…why did Jada Pinkett-Smith not choose one of the other colors the dress is available in; or at the very least, why not choose a completely different hairstyle. To Jada’s credit though, she did wear completely different shoes. While Kim Kardashian wore gold open toe strappy heels with the dress, Jada opted for a sexy cream colored Tom Ford ankle strap shoe.

So Who Rocked It Best? Vote below!

 (All Images via Getty Images)

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