Dorinda Medley Announces She's Leaving 'Real Housewives of New York,' Actually FIRED with Casting Already Underway

Dorinda Medley announced she’s leaving ‘The Real Housewives of New York.’

According to a report from Daily Mail, those close to the situation say Dorinda was actually fired just two days after her good friend Jon Giswold passed away. The network is already actively casting for her replacement.

Dorinda tried to get ahead of the news and took to her Instagram account to inform fans early in the morning that she wouldn’t be returning to the show next year.

If you’re keeping up Vicki Gunvalson ‘quit’ (fired) after she wasn’t offered a Housewife role. Tamra Judge ‘quit’ (fired) after she wasn’t offered a Housewife role. Dorinda Medley has now ‘quit’ (fired) after not being offered a Housewife return.

The network has a very clear way of pushing the girls out — regardless of the verbiage they like to use.

The network will offer the ‘fired’ Housewife a bad deal for a fraction of the money and less episodes. This basically gives the ‘fired’ Housewife two options — accept the bad deal and make an image-saving exit while working for peanuts per episode, or to refuse the deal and announce her departure.

Ultimately, the network expects the Housewife not to return.

The network wins either way — the Housewife stays and the network gets to use her name and image for one more season at a fraction of the cost, or she leaves and the network uses what would’ve been her expensive salary to pay one or two new Housewives.

Although, since the network never technically ‘fired’ a Housewife in the legal sense, they’re protected to a certain degree if a Housewife were to threaten any type of wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuit.

As exclusively reported NeNe Leakes was not being offered a ‘Housewife’ contract and was essentially fired from ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ At the same time, LaToya Ali and Drew Sidora have signed-on for season 13.

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