Diddy Has Fun With a Selfie Stick While Celebrating the Holidays with Kim Porter & His Kids Aboard a Yacht [Photos]


Selfie sticks were a pretty popular gift item this holiday season. While they’ve been around for a while, it wasn’t really until Beyoncé gave them an extra ‘cool factor’ when she used one to record her “7/11” video.

If they’re cool enough for Beyoncé, then they’re cool enough for Diddy — who was seen aboard a yacht with his family using a selfie stick while trying to find his angle.


His son Christian later stepped in for a few photos with his dad.


Diddy’s ex Kim Porter came a long for the ride. She was spotted getting her tan on.


We know Diddy’s with Cassie, but it looks like he and Kim are still pretty comfortable around each other.

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When Diddy wasn’t taking selfies…


… he was playing ‘Black Santa’ for his kids.


How cute!


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