Did Sheree Whitfield Secretly Marry Prison Inmate Tyrone Gilliams Jr?

Word on the street is that Sheree Whitfield is married to a prison inmate named Tyrone Gilliams Jr.

Tyrone is currently serving time behind bars in Atlanta for fraud — not just petty fraud, but Tyrone allegedly had his hands in a multi-million securities fraud.

Unlike Phaedra’s felon Apollo Nida, Tyrone was messing around with BIG money.

Andy Cohen pressed Sheree about engagement rumors back in 2016, but Sheree told everyone that she and Tyrone were just ‘friends.’

“I am not engaged. We’re friends. We’ve been friends for a long time,” she said.

Fast-forward to 2017 and pictures of Tyrone holding Sheree (who’s wearing a ‘wifey t-shirt) have hit the internet.

We’re not ones to quote MTO, but they say that Tyrone and Sheree often refer to each other has ‘husband’ and ‘wifey’ during her prison visits.

It’s unclear if their marriage is legal, but their relationship is said to be serious.

We’ve kept our eye on Sheree’s social media feeds, but she has yet to deny the rumors.

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