Depression Rates Rise to New Record With 1 in 6 Adults Diagnosed

Depression rates in the United States are skyrocketing, particularly among young adults and women, a new poll shows.

via: Complex

Galllup reported, “The percentage of Americans who currently have or are being treated for depression has also increased, to 17.8 percent,” which is seven points higher than the 2015 findings.

The survey also found that “U.S. adults who report having been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lifetime has reached 29.0 percent”—equivalent to 3 in 10 adults, 10 points higher within the same period.

In Gallup’s survey, data shows depression “jumped notably” in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The president of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Rebecca Brendel, spoke on the matter saying, “The fact that Americans are more depressed and struggling after this time of incredible stress and isolation is perhaps not surprising,” per CNN.

“There are lingering effects on our health, especially our mental health, from the past three years that disrupted everything we knew.”

She continued, “We’re making it easier to talk about mental health and looking at it as part of our overall wellness just like physical health. People are aware of depression, and people are seeking help for it.”

Young adults are reported to have higher rates of depression than any other age group, in addition to the greatest increased rates, with nearly a quarter of adults under 30 claiming they are depressed.

Also, rates of depressed Hispanic and Black adults have surpassed white adults.

“??Depression has many different presentations. The connection to cultural norms and belief systems is something that APA and others have been paying a lot more attention to in recent years,” Brendel stated.

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