Denise Richards Blasted By RHOBH Weed Chef: 'You Should Be Ashamed' [Photo] |

Denise Richards Blasted By RHOBH Weed Chef: ‘You Should Be Ashamed’ [Photo]

The Herbal Chef, Christopher Sayegh, is clapping back at Denise Richards after she suggested her wild behavior during Kyle Richard’s weed-infused dinner on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ was because he drugged her.

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Richards appeared to be slurring her words and showing some bizarre behavior while attending Kyle Richards’ marijuana themed dinner on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She dazedly confronted Erica Jayne about an issue in a prior season, but couldn’t exactly articulate what she wanted to get across to the Housewife star.

Denise has since appeared on Jeff Lewis Sirius XM radio show and blamed the weed that she believes she ingested, despite requesting no cannabis in her meal.

“When I was invited to it, I said, ‘I can’t have weed. I’ve had weed twice in my life and it doesn’t mix well with my system,” Denise told Lewis. “It was a sideways night for me.”

Then Lewis makes the suggestion that perhaps Denise accidentally ingested some weed.

“I have a feeling, but I can’t say someone gave, y’know… I don’t f—ing know,” Denise said. “I don’t know if it was in bottles of, in bottled water, I can’t say, whatever. It is what it is. Who cares? I made an asshole out of myself. It’s not the first time I’ve made an asshole out of myself.”

Unfortunately for Denise, Sayegh — who was the chef on the infamous dinner — caught wind of this accusation and absolutely blasted the actress and in turn accused her of lying, alleging she arrived to Kyle Richards’ house “absolutely obliterated”.

“You are such a damn liar, Denise. It’s embarrassing and you should be ashamed of yourself,” Sayegh began directly taking aim at the star before telling his followers what he claimed “really happened.”

“You have acted as if you had no idea what was going on, we must have slipped something in your food… or bottled water?? Really??” Sayegh wrote. “We went over how the evening would go with you and everyone else at the table including specifying how dosage works and that we take our responsibility very seriously — especially when someone would rather abstain from cannabis. It would be detrimental to my business if we left our guests incapacitated, don’t you think?”

The chef continues, demanding Richards to take “responsibility.”

“Your feeble ego can’t even admit that you have something else going on and arrived under the influence from something else, that you have to try and blame others instead of taking responsibility,” Sayegh wrote.

His caption was so lengthy that the 32-year-old needed to add another comment to finish his rant.

“I get that you are trying to stay relevant to this crowd, but it’s time to take responsibility and have half as much grace as Kyle and Erika and the rest of the gals on that episode,” Sayegh concluded, before graciously adding, “PS You’re pink jacket was upside down ?.”

Denise has yet to reply but she has been making the media rounds discussing her recent behavior.

The 52-year-old spoke to former Real Housewives of New York star, Bethenny Frankel, telling Frankel that she had taken cough medicine before having a cocktail.

“Maybe there was a mix-up in the meal or the water or something. I don’t know,” Denise said.

Denise definitely arrived already on one. She has no one to blame for her behavior but herself.


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