Coupled Up? Evelyn Lozada Rumored to Be Dating Marc Anthony [Photos] |

Coupled Up? Evelyn Lozada Rumored to Be Dating Marc Anthony [Photos]

It looks like Evelyn Lozada has a new man in her life — none other than THE Marc Anthony.

via The Blast:

Sources tell The Blast, Marc and Evelyn have been talking for a couple of months. They have been enjoying getting to know each other and having a good time.

We’re told Evelyn recently flew out to Miami to stay with Marc at his mega-mansion. Eve’s children, 27-year-old Shaniece Hairston, and 6-year-old Carl Leo Crawford, came for the visit where they hung out with Marc.

The two hanging out was first uncovered by internet sleuths who started comparing the backdrops of recent social media posts by Marc and Evelyn.

Fans on Instagram took notice of the background of a video posted by Marc on his social media. In a promo for his Amazon Prime special, Marc sits in a round chair in the living room of his home. The chair is grey and the windows in the background have a very interesting design with a round top.

Last month, Evelyn posted a series of photos taken inside a fancy looking home. She showed off her kids swimming in the pool. In another shot, Evelyn posed in front of a mirror which showed the background of the home.

In the background, the windows have the same design as the ones seen in the promo video posted by Marc. The outdoor area seen in Evelyn’s pool photos matches images from the real estate listing for Marc’s $19 million-dollar mansion.

Evelyn captioned one of the pool photos of Shaniece and Carl Leo, “The 2 people I put on earth ????? #MyEverything #MommyLovesYouSoMuch.” One follower commented, “Aaaaw the absolute best love ?” and “Looks just like his momma!?”

Take a look at the corresponding photos below. It certainly looks like the same house to us. Go head, Ev!

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