Arizona Man Arrested, Loses Job After Video Shows Him Saying 'This Is a No [N-Word] Zone' to Black Man [Video] |

Arizona Man Arrested, Loses Job After Video Shows Him Saying ‘This Is a No [N-Word] Zone’ to Black Man [Video]

An Arizona man was arrested and fired from his independent contracting job after he was caught on video telling a Black Youtuber that he was in a “no n*gger zone.”

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Per the Arizona Republic, the man was identified as Scottsdale resident Paul Ng. He is seen in a video from Andre Abram, a.k.a. @lilajdre on Instagram and DreTV! on YouTube, openly referring to himself as a racist while questioning Abram.

“I just wanna see what you guys are taking pictures of,” Ng says in the video when asked why he’s bothering Abram and his friend. From there, Ng says “this is my home” and makes a vague reference to having “had problems here,” though he does not elaborate.

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I’m posting this to protect not only myself, but also my good friend and camera man @itschief.kane ! He experienced this encounter aswell, and will proceed to seek JUSTICE!! – – PAUL NG!!! We have his location, we also know that he has been terminated from his Independent Contract. – – However, he is a Real Estate Investor. Meaning this is SOMEONE’S LANDLORD!!! ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT!!! He will not receive a DIME from a MINORITY! ESPECIALLY NOT FOR AN NECESSITY – – Please spread this to any Black Individual!! I know what we should have did PHYSICALLY!! But as a CULTURE, we must learn a better response! We are owed IN THIS COUNTRY! But, we will NEVER receive what’s ours if WE DO NOT FIND A BETTER WAY!! – – The Time Is Now!! I NEED EVERYONE WATCHING THIS!! HELP!!

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Shortly after this exchange, Ng announces himself as a racist.

“I’m a racist, I’m a racist, okay?” he’s seen telling Abram. “So what’s the issue?” Then, he tells Abram and his camera operator “this is a no [N-word] zone” before laughing. Ng, who later told police his actions were part of his attempt at “just getting ahead of the game,” was ultimately arrested and booked on two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

In a recent Instagram post, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty confirmed that Ng—who was previously described as an independent contractor—had been terminated.

You love to see it, have to start holding these racist accountable.

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