Coi Leray Responds to Body-Shaming Criticism [Photos + Video]

Rapper Coi Leray blessed fans with Tik Tok videos, dancing to the music and while fans appreciate them, some people had negative things to say about her body.

via: Revolt

The “No More Parties” emcee has recently been the topic of a lot of body shaming on social media. Several people have made remarks about her body being “too skinny.” In a series of tweets, Coi responded to the criticism. “Lot of y’all do this bullying shit to every celebrity,” she tweeted. “I get it, y’all human. But a lot of people don’t understand how much it could kill someone. If you tryna kill me, just know I ain’t afraid to die. I’m ready for whatever.”

She also told her critics to get used to how she looks because it’s not changing anytime soon. “Get used to my body because I’m never changing anything on it,” she wrote. “Get used to this lil ass cause I ain’t never gonna stop shaking it.”

“Couple of y’all bitches hate how comfortable I am in my skin. So weird,” Coi added.

Several people on social media came to the “Big Purr” emcee’s defense. Twitter user @Habibah_Perez tweeted, “They body shame Coi Leray for being skinny, Megan Thee Stallion for being tall & strong, Saweetie for plastic surgery and Lizzo for having fat. I’m starting to think there’s no right way to occupy a body when you’re a woman.”

“Y’all get in this app and tweet, ‘Men don’t like natural bodies’ just to then turn around and make fun of Coi Leray for her NATURAL BODY!!! Make it make sense,” tweeted @_LiaLane_.

Twitter user @mimithenerd_ wrote, “Coi Leray is literally 23 years old…I wish people would stop commenting on other people’s bodies and mind their business cause it’s getting real weird.”

“Wayment! Let me get this straight!” tweeted @sii_ryn. “So, y’all was out here BEGGING women to bring natural bodies back and Coi Leray is doing just that while exuding confidence and not seeking an ounce of validation from a soul and y’all dragging her for it? **Y’all = Women & Men.”

Coi is rising to the top, unapologetically. She responded to the criticism in a tweet. The 23-year-old rapper let the people know she’s never changing her body. She said, “Get used to this lil a** cause I ain’t never gonna stop shaking it.”

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