City Girls' JT Shoots Down Rumors of Altercation Between Her & GloRilla At The VMAs [Photos] |

City Girls’ JT Shoots Down Rumors of Altercation Between Her & GloRilla At The VMAs [Photos]

Over the weekend, a rumor started floating around social media that GloRilla and JT had an altercation at the VMAs.

via: Rap-Up

Yesterday (Oct. 7), one-half of City Girls, JT, ended the rumors that she and CMG’s leading lady, GloRilla, had an altercation at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards because JT brushed her off. Rumors started to swirl on social media about this alleged fight after Armon Wiggins detailed the unproven confrontation.

According to Wiggins, at the VMAs, GloRilla allegedly threw a drink and a purse at JT after the alleged snub, and that’s what jumpstarted the alleged fight that had to be broken up by management and publicists. People discussed the alleged run-in after the VMAs, but more significant news stories dominated the timeline.

Social media users believed the tension between them could have stemmed from GloRilla and Cardi B’s “Tomorrow 2,” which is said to include subliminal shots at JT and Nicki Minaj. Detectives on the Twitterverse have been attempting to put two and two together to understand why there could be beef between the former collaborators.

One social media user commented, “They saying she fought GloRilla backstage at the VMAs. Supposedly, JT ain’t wanna speak to GloRilla, so GloRilla threw a drink or purse at her, but I [don’t] think they fought [for real]… all the people that was there, and it ain’t no video??” Another mentioned, “GloRilla whooping JT at the VMAs is a gag! Karma is spinning the block for Cardi again!!”

JT responded to a post to clear up the rumors in a since-deleted post, saying, “Does this look like someone who got they a** whooped? I know y’all lives hella boring, and y’all love to believe that, but it didn’t happen. Next caller!“

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