City of Chicago to Sue Jussie Smollett for $130,000 for the Cost of the Investigation Into His Alleged Hoax

The City of Chicago wants Jussie Smollett to pay for wasting its time.

After sending him an invoice for $130,000 to cover the cost of the investigation into his alleged hate crime hoax, now they’re moving to sue.

Jussie made clear that he doesn’t intend to pay, so if the city does move forward with a lawsuit it’ll effectively put Jussie on trial and he’ll have to defend the attack and prove that it actually happened.

In this case, the burden of proof is MUCH lower than a criminal case.

Jussie’s attorney, Mark Geragos says Jussie won’t be intimidated and insists the attack was real.

“Your letter represents part of a course of conduct intended to harass and irreparably injure Mr. Smollett,” Geragos wrote, adding that such an action would be an abuse of the city’s false claims ordinance. “Our research discloses no cases in which the municipal ordinance to try to get a second bite at the apple once charges against a criminal defendant have been dismissed.”

You can read Mark Geragos’ full letter here.

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