Christina Aguilera Strips Down to Lingerie & Shows Off Her New Slim Figure in Maxim [Photos]

Christina Aguilera Maxin Slim The Voice Lovebscott

Christina Aguilera lost a bunch of weight and wants the world to know!

Right before her return to The Voice is scheduled to begin, Christina Aguilera shows us how much she loves her body in the October issue of Maxim magazine.

Of course there’s a brief interview featured in the mag, but it wouldn’t be an Xtina interview without an eyebrow raising comment or two. When asked whether Ryan Gosling or Justin Timberlake was cooler back during their Mickey Mouse days, Christina responded:

They were both very charismatic, but I think I have to shy away from the question. I don’t want this to bite me in the butt later. They were tight, you know. They’d walk around together all the time, same as me and Britney would. Now look at us. It’s funny how that played out.

Indeed. Check out a few more photos below!

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