Christian Louboutin Re-Creates Glass Slipper For Cinderella's Re-Release [Photos]

To celebrate the release of Disney’s legendary fairytale on Blu-ray this autumn, Christian Louboutin has re-envisioned the classic glass slipper for today’s woman.

Rather than subjecting the wearer to a show made of actual glass (not exactly ideal for navigating modern city streets), Mr Louboutin worked with the finest lace, sparking butterflies and crystals to recreate the dazzling fairytale slipper.

Louboutin told “Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairy-tale love, but also shoes. Her character and her story dictated the design to me, it was all there in the pages and the words of this tale.”

The shoes will not be mass produced, but it’s reported that the limited-edition red-soled beauties with a 5-inch heel will be given away to 20 lucky winners.

 Would you wear these?
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