Chrisean Rock Says She Wants Twins Following Pregnancy Announcement, Addresses Blueface’s Recent Comments |

Chrisean Rock Says She Wants Twins Following Pregnancy Announcement, Addresses Blueface’s Recent Comments

Chrisean Rock is excited for her pregnancy and is hoping she has twins — even though her alleged baby daddy, Blueface, isn’t certain he’s the father.

via Complex:

Complex had the opportunity to speak with Chrisean Rock, moments before she stepped on the red carpet for Zeus Network’s new show Baddies West. The exclusive screening and premiere was held Sunday (Jan. 22) at Regal North Hollywood 4DX in Los Angeles.

During the chat, Chrisean Rock expressed she was in high spirits and excited about motherhood. When asked if she wanted a boy or girl, Rock replied by saying that she’d like one of each. “Both, I hope it’s twins or something,” she said. “I’m the 11th out of 12 siblings. I like kids. I like a big family.”

In response to Blueface’s series of tweets following her pregnancy reveal, Rock suggested that the reason behind his Twitter fingers was him “ just being a clown.”

She continued, “He’s just mad that I went to Baltimore and didn’t tell him. I said I was in LA with my home girl Stunna [Girl] and I wasn’t. I was in Baltimore with my family. I took a trip, and he’s blowing up my phone like, ‘Where you at? Where you at?’ I ghosted him for a whole 24 hours, so he can’t live with that. He didn’t know if I was with a n**ga or if I was really with my family, so he got to poppin’ it like a little bitch. [laughs] The fuck?”

One tweet in particular saw Blueface make the claim that Chrisean “had encounters with 10 different men in the last year.”

Chrisean’s response: “That’s cap! I don’t even got 10 bodies.”

In an interview with B. Simone, Rock opened up about her decision to have three abortions in the past and why she’s ready to have a child now. “Because it’s a gift. I’ve been having — not trouble, but I wasn’t as fertile. Because my mom, everybody. It’s just the timing, I’m making my own money. I want something different for real, and two, it’s a new beginning.”

The Baltimore native, who recently opened up about her mental health struggles, said that she’s going “great.” She added, “I’m not depressed. I’m actually happy that this happened.”

Beyond her new reality television role, Chrisean’s also been teasing new music. She even revealed two possible EPs, one solo project and one with her and Blueface. As she explained, “one with this toxic ass n**ga, and one with just by myself in my own lane.”

As for the future, Chrisean expressed she’s looking forward to “life for real!”

She continued, “I’m going up. I’m going to take advantage of the moment. Start dropping merch, I’m just going to do a lot. Do some shit with the Baddies, Natalie Nunn. Do some more shit with Zeus.”

Her crew chimed in: “And be a mom!”

That poor child — or children.

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