Child Prodigy Elijah Precciely Will Finish College Next Year

At 14 years old, Elijah Precciely enjoys many of the same things as most kids his age—except he is not your average teen.

via: BET

Elijah Precciely is a child prodigy, who has preached sermons, published a book and currently attends Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He will be a college graduate next year.

According to WBRV, Precciely is the youngest person to receive a full scholarship to the HBCU and majors in physics and chemical engineering.

Precciely told the outlet, “I’m trying to build an electrostatic generating socket. I don’t know if that’s a teenager thing, but I’m learning about it.”

He continued, “Some people think I’m 15. Either I’m a tall 11-year-old or a short 15-year-old… I found it increasingly harder to live through doors because I grew like eight inches, and I hit doors with my head all the time. I gotta be careful now.”

Precciely’s biggest challenge? Psychology classes.

“I never knew it would be my Achilles’ heel. I got a ‘B’ in Psychology. I got a ‘B,’” Elijah said. “I was like, it’s like a Rubik’s cube. I was like, ‘how did everyone do this but not me, right?’ But I was able to come back from that.”

However, making history is not the teen’s focus, he explained, “Well, I don’t look for just breaking records, I look for changing lives. And in that, I will break records. My first priority is to be a shining light to help others, and the second priority is to make sure that I help people like me and people who want to connect with me.”

His mother, Pamela Precciely said about her son, “He’s able to speak up about his own differences or his own challenges. Even when it comes to classes, he said he was taking physics and chemical engineering. But he also literally would say, ‘I want to make sure can I get a business class in there.”

Pastor Steven Precciely, his father, opened up about his son attending the HBCU, “You’ll have many Black and brown children to see someone who looks like them and does not have to cater to other institutions that are traditionally known for geniuses. There is a greatness right here at an HBCU. There’s greatness here, and you can shine and you can get a great education here and encourage them to do likewise.”

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