Charges Dropped Against Former Giant DeAndre Baker After Alleged Victims' Lawyer Arrested for Extortion

After being prosecuted on four counts of robbery with a firearm, Former New York Giant’s cornerback DeAndre Baker had all charges dropped against him. But in a plot twist the attorney for three of the four men who said Baker allegedly robbed them, was arrested Monday morning in conjunction with an alleged extortion attempt.

via: Complex

The attorney representing three of the four men who were allegedly robbed by former New York Giants cornerback DeAndre Baker was arrested Monday morning for extortion charges.

Per the New York Post, William Dean and his clients demanded Baker pay $1.5 million to change their statements against him. Baker was able to negotiate the number down to $800,000 but no money ever exchanged hands. Authorities declined to comment on the situation, but Post sources claim Dean and his clients were involved in the plot from the beginning.

“On Monday morning, November 16, 2020, William Dean, an attorney representing three of the alleged victims, was arrested for extortion related to soliciting a cash payout on behalf of the three men in exchange for altered testimony,” the Broward State Attorney’s Office said in a statement. “This testimony was provided in the form of written, signed, notarized but identical in content affidavits in which the alleged victims recanted their three previous sworn statements and instead asserted that they did not get an accurate look at the events as they occurred, that Deandre Baker was present but not involved in any criminal act and that they were not robbed or assaulted.”

The office went on to reveal that all of the charges against Baker have been dropped.

This follows evidence retrieved by authorities in July that suggested Baker’s former co-defendant, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Quinton Dunbar, used witness Dominic Johnson to facilitate payments between the suspects and the victims. These payments were said to have taken place at the office of Dunbar’s attorney, Michael Grieco, shortly after the incident took place in May.

“I made them same n***as that said they got robbed come in and say them Boys ain’t have nothing to Do with it,” Johnson wrote in an Instagram message to Dunbar. The four victims were allegedly given $55,000 to recant their statements against Dunbar.

Baker and Dunbar were arrested in May for allegedly orchestrating a robbery at a cookout in Miramar, Florida. Baker was said to be pointing a semi-automatic pistol at victims while Dunbar directed the robbery. Baker also allegedly ordered a third masked assailant to shoot a man who had entered the party while the robbery was taking place; though the masked individual didn’t open fire, he did take the man’s $25,000 Hublot watch and money. Witnesses said the three men ultimately fled the scene in three different vehicles, getting away with more than $7,000 in cash as well as an $18,000 Rolex, a $17,500 Audemars Piguet, and other valuables.

Although the charges stemming from this situation against Baker have been dropped, the corner could be looking at other offenses for the way he handled the legal proceedings. He was cut from the Giants in September for the robbery and is currently a free agent.

What a mess, good luck in whatever you decide to do moving forward DeAndre.

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