Celebrity Stylist Zerina Akers Opens Up About Her Personal Journey, Black Designers, and Working with Beyoncé [Photos]

If you’ve been wondering why Beyoncé’s fashion game has been on point lately, it’s because of celebrity stylist Zerina Akers.

As Beyoncé’s “personal stylist and wardrobe curator,” Zerina is the woman responsible for the looks you see on Bey’s Instagram as well as recent music videos.

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Look-by-look and client-by-client, Zerina’s continuing to make a name for herself in MAJOR ways.

In an interview with Le Magazine Noir, Zerina keeps it real about how she manages her work ethic, the importance of uplifting Black designers, and her proudest moment.

Check out a few excerpts:

On managing her work ethic: I recently turned 30 and I’ve decided that my 20s were for working hard, my 30s will be about working smart, and I will enjoy it all in my 40s. I don’t have a lot of time so I try to spend it wisely. When I have moments to just be with my people and be in my home, I make sure to cherish it and make it count. For me, now is about investing my time into what I want to create, and who I want  to be. In between pulls or running errands, I’ll try to catch up with my friends and family over the phone and make sure that no matter what they know that I think about them and I love them.

On Black designers: “There is so much talent in the World and often not enough resources for some people to truly express themselves through their craft. I have watched many young designers grow but I have also watched many designers stray away from their dreams. I just try to support them as much as I can because sometimes it’s the most simplest moment that can completely launch someone’s career and completely change their life.”

On working on Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’ hat look: “That was the fist time I realized that I can create work that will OUTLIVE MYSELF. That look was composed of all INDIE designers and became it’s own moment, it’s own image.”

You can read more of what Zerina has to say here.

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