Cassie Ventura Is A Vibe Vixen, Talks Solange Collaboration [Photos]


Model, singer, and “Diddy’s favorite girl” Cassie…. posed for a creative photo shoot for Vibe Vixen in which she looks amazing, as usual.

We’re still playing the hell out of her RockaByeBaby mixtape, but it looks like Cassie’s finally preparing to release that long awaited sophomore album.

I would hope that by next spring it would be out. I still have a lot of leftover stuff actually from the mixtape that are really, really good.

Not only that, but Cassie opens up about her recent collaboration with Solange Knowles, stating:

Solange is putting out a new project that’s coming out really soon that I actually just worked on. She did a compilation of some of her favorite artists out right now and we did a really dope record together which I’m excited about. I think her deadline was like two weeks ago to finish everything, so it’s coming out really soon… She’s in the background. What she did with each artist was let them just rock on a song. She produced. She actually played everything on the song she did with me. She’s so talented yet such a cool person, down to earth. We had such a great time working together. We worked together on like five songs a minute ago. She hit me back up and was like, ‘I love the mixtape. I would really love to get in with you,’ so we went for it.

We can’t wait to hear the collab. Check out the rest of Cassie’s Vibe Vixen pics….

credit: Vibe Vixen

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