Cardi B’s Victorious Libel Lawsuit Against Tasha K Is Reportedly Being Appealed By The Blogger

YouTube personality Tasha K was ordered to pay Cardi B roughly $4 million in damages for defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress in January but vowed to appeal.

via: Radar Online

According to court documents exclusively obtained by Radar, the 39-year-old blogger and media personality’s legal team formally filed a notice of appeal on behalf of Tasha K on Thursday, March 17, exactly one month after a jury found her liable over statements she made about Cardi on YouTube.

“The above-named Defendants, Latasha Kebe and Kebe Studios LLC, appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit from the final judgment entered on February 17, 2022,” the filing reads. “Respectfully submitted this 17th day of March, 2022.”

As Radar reported, Tasha K’s move comes after she spoke out claiming she doesn’t have $4 million to give Cardi.

“I ain’t got it,” Tasha answered after being asked by Social Society’s Kendra G if she even had the money to pay Cardi B after being found liable for the three charges after claiming Cardi had herpes, worked as a prostitute and enjoyed doing hard drugs. “Listen, I ain’t got it. I ain’t got it. Don’t ask me for the money. I ain’t got it.”

“But listen,” Tasha continued, “we have business and things in place that takes care of things like this. Now, of course, the appellate court and the supreme court is in process right now.”

Tasha’s comments during the interview didn’t go unnoticed, because shortly after she appeared on Social Society, Cardi B took to Twitter to call out the blogger.

“This is a game but trust imma come for everything,” the rapper retorted, before adding “BBHMM” – an acronym alluding to Rihanna’s 2015 smash hit “B—- Better Have My Money.”

Tasha has yet to file her brief explaining the reasons why she believes the judgment should be reversed.

Tasha K reportedly admitted she published lies about Cardi B because it was beneficial to her brand.

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