Kendrick Lamar Alleges Drake Is Hiding a Daughter on Explosive New Diss Track “Meet the Grahams,' Drake Denies It |

Kendrick Lamar Alleges Drake Is Hiding a Daughter on Explosive New Diss Track “Meet the Grahams,’ Drake Denies It

Kendrick Lamar is already back with another Drake diss. “Meet the Grahams,” the Compton artist’s third track of the week—following “Euphoria” and “6:16 in LA”—arrives within an hour of Drake’s barbed response, “Family Matters.”

On Friday night, as fans were just consuming the 6 God’s fiery “Family Matters,” Kendrick rained all over Drake’s parade. The song has four verses and in each verse Kendrick speaks directly a member of Drake’s family, starting with his son, Adonis, then his mother, his father, his alleged daughter, and finally Drake himself.

Graham, is of course, Drake’s last name.

The most shocking member of Drake’s family that Kendrick talks to is a daughter that the Toronto megastar is allegedly hiding. Kendrick’s wording suggests the girl is at least 11-years-old.

Dear baby girl, I’m sorry that your father not active inside your world
He don’t commit to much but his music, yeah, that’s for sure
He a narcissist, misogynist, livin’ inside his songs
Try destroy families rather than takin’ care of his own
Should be teachin’ you time tables or watchin’ Frozen with you
Or at your eleventh birthday, singin’ poems with you
Instead, he be in Turks, payin’ for sex and poppin’ Percs
Examples that you don’t deserve
I wanna tell you that you’re loved, you’re brave, you’re kind
You got a gift to change the world, and to change your father’s mind
‘Cause our children is the future, but he lives inside confusion
Money’s always been illusion, but that’s the life he’s used to
His father prolly didn’t claim him neither
History do repeats itself, sometimes it don’t need a reason
But how I like to say it’s not your fault he’s hidin’ another child
Give ’em grace, it’s the reason I made Mr. Morale
So our babies like you can cope later
Give you some confidence to go through somethin’, it’s hope later
I never wanna hear you chase a man ’cause his fell behavior

Drake, however, was confused about Kendrick’s claims and took to IG to say that he has no idea what the Compton rapper is talking about.

“Hold on can someone find my hidden daughter pls and send her to me … these guys are in shambles,” he wrote, adding laughing emojis for good measure.

Beyond the daughter revelation, the artwork for “meet the grahams” is noteable. It features the same Maybach gloves Kendrick used on “6:16 In LA,” but the photo is more zoomed out and shows two bottles of pills, receipts, and other items that allegedly belong to Drake.

In the songs second verse, Kendrick talks to Drake’s parents and attacks Drake’s character, calling him a manipulator, a gambling addict, and compares him to Harvey Weinstein:

I’m blamin’ you for all his gamblin’ addictions
Psychopath intuition, the man who like to play victim
You raised a horrible fuckin’ person, the nerve of you, Dennis
Sandra, sit down, what I’m about to say is heavy, now listen
Mhm, your son’s a sick man with sick thoughts I think niggas like him should die
Him and Weinstein should get fucked up in a cell for the rest they life
He hates black woman, hypersexualizes them, with kinks of a nympho fetish
Grew facial hair ’cause he understand bein’ a beard just fit him better
He got sex offenders on OVO that he keep on a monthly allowance
A child should never be compromised and he keepin’ his child around them
He ends that verse suggesting “The Embassy” (a nickname for Drake’s house) will get raided soon.

Kendrick ends the song addressing Drake directly:

You got gamblin’ problems, drinkin’ problems
Pill-poppin’ and spendin’ problems, bad with money, whorehouse
Solicitin’ women problems, therapy’s a lovely start

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