Channing Tatum Accuses Ex Jenna Dewan of ‘Delaying Tactics’ to ‘Seek a Windfall From Me’ in Messy Divorce |

Channing Tatum Accuses Ex Jenna Dewan of ‘Delaying Tactics’ to ‘Seek a Windfall From Me’ in Messy Divorce

Channing Tatum wants a judge to hear all of the issues in his divorce from Jenna Dewan in one trial.

Tatum has accused his ex-wife Jenna Dewan of “completely false” claims pertaining to his income from Magic Mike, which she alleged he had hidden from her.

The 44-year-old Logan Lucky star denied her claims for spousal support and accused her of “delaying tactics” and trying to “seek a windfall from me” in the latest round of their ongoing legal dispute regarding financial settlements after becoming officially divorced in November 2019.

Dewan alleged that Tatum worked with others to hide his income from Magic Mike, the 2012 film in which Tatum played a male stripper based on his early career experience. Various international offshoots of the movie, including sequels, musicals and other shows, have emerged since.

However, the Jump Street actor has denied the claims in the years-long battle over earnings, division of assets, spousal support and child support for their 10-year-old daughter. Since the divorce, the pair have both become engaged to new partners.

“I have always agreed for her to have an interest in the Magic Mike intellectual property and related entities,” Tatum wrote in new documents obtained by

“I have never denied her share of any community assets or income. Her claims that I have ‘colluded with third parties’ are completely false.”

He added that Dewan had “complete access to all our financial records for all our activities during our marriage and since separation” and “I continue to provide her with updates regarding Magic Mike financial matters”.

Dewan and Tatum have moved on to new partners after they divorced nearly five years ago, with the Come Dance With Me judge expecting her second child with actor and singer Steve Kazee.

The Step Up star is resisting an order for bifurcation in which Dewan seeks to separate a case for his Magic Mike earnings from other dimensions of the financial dispute.

At a hearing last month, Dewan’s lawyers described the Magic Mike business as “a potential billion dollar asset”.

Tatum has urged the court to “finalise our divorce case without further delay” and accused his ex-partner of “delaying tactics to prolong resolution of our financial settlement… and to seek a windfall from me”. Tatum went on to deny a request for spousal support for Dewan, calling their eight-year marriage “short-term”.

“We had a short term marriage of eight years and eight months and separated over six years ago. Dewan started co-habiting with her fiancé (Steve Kazee) shortly after our separation five and a half years ago,” he said.

“Dewan works, is able to contribute to her own support and will receive one half of the community property, residuals and royalties and income from other investments. She will also have substantial investment income from the cash assets she has received in our divorce. She has received millions of dollars in cash assets.

“She will receive additional cash assets when the remainder of our estate is divided and post separation accounting is finalised.

“There are not, nor have there ever been, any orders for temporary spousal support. I believe she is now requesting spousal support from me to further delay our financial settlement.”

via: The Independent

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