Cardi B Drops New Single 'Bartier Cardi' + Nicki Minaj Might Be Feeling Some Kind of Way, Fires Off a Shady Tweet [Video]

After “Bodak Yellow” became one of the biggest hits of the year, the pressure was on for Cardi B to follow-up with another banger.

Thankfully — with the help of 21 Savage — it’s safe to say she succeeded.

The rapper released “Bartier Cardi” last night and while it’s not as infections as “Bodak,” it definitely will hold its own in in the club.

In related news, earlier this week G-Eazy dropped the video for “No Limit” featuring Cardi B and A$AP Rocky. Apparently, Nicki Minaj invented facial expressions because almost immediately the ‘Barbz’ began accusing Cardi of copying Nicki’s style.

Nicki didn’t address the comparisons directly, but she did take a moment to fire off a seemingly-shady tweet.

If this IS about Cardi, then Nicki might want to slow her roll. Lil Kim peeped too.

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