Bus Driver Accused of Leaving 20 Kids Stranded on the Side of the Road, Calling Black Kids the N-Word


A Minnesota school bus driver is accused of dumping off 20 middle school students on the side of the road near an industrial park and calling some of them the n-word.

via NY Daily News:

The unidentified driver in Moorhead, N.D., east of Fargo, got frustrated with his charges and abandoned them Tuesday afternoon, students said.

DeShanna Dotson told WDAY that the man refused to take them home, and called her and at least one other student a racial slur as they exited at an intersection next to diesel fuel and storage facilities.

The school district sent another bus to get the students, and superintendent Lynne Kovash told the station that the “fed up” driver, who works for a private company, would no longer drive for the school district.

A request for comment to bus company Red River Trails was not immediately returned.

Kovash told Valley News Live that the district was also investigating students involved in the incident.

What is WRONG with people?

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