Britney Spears' Tell-All Is Complete, Aiming for January 2023 Release Due to Paper Shortage

Britney Spears’ long-awaited memoir is finished, but isn’t expected to arrive until January 2023.

via Complex:

TMZ reports that the worldwide supply shortage has impacted publication plans. A shortage of paper and other materials means the book might not reach its currently planned January release date, which is when publisher Simon & Schuster hoped to have the book on shelves.

 Since there’s no clear estimate for when the paper shortage will be resolved, the publisher has yet to confirm an alternate release date.

Per a report from Publishers Weekly in March, multiple factors have contributed to the paper shortage, including more interest in books during the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s also labor shortages impacting various stages of production, as has become increasingly evident across multiple industries.

Spears signed a deal to publish a tell-all memoir back in February, which fetched her an astonishing $15 million advance. The deal, which was the center of a bidding war between multiple publishers, is said to be one of the biggest of all-time, just behind a book deal the Obamas signed. It’s not clear what Spears will discuss in the book, exactly, but it’s expected that she will address the collapse of her relationship with her family amid her battle to end her restrictive conservatorship. She could also discuss her upbringing as a child star, and her brief time as a judge on X Factor.

This is one memoir we can’t WAIT to read.

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