Britney Spears Reportedly Left in Care of Lawyer and Manager Amid Divorce

Britney Spears’ manager and lawyer are reportedly looking after the singer amid her ongoing divorce from husband Sam Ashgari.

Spears is in the process of divorcing Ashgari, and their split has allegedly turned acrimonious, resulting in a breakdown in communication between them.

TMZ has reported that Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, and her manager, Cade Hudson, are likely the primary individuals supporting her at this time.

We’re told they assist in getting Britney fed, to appointments and manage any potential professional opportunities that may come her way.

Our sources say Rosengart does not believe Britney’s mental state is cause for great alarm, and there has been no plan to amp up her medical care and therapy. Some folks in Britney’s world don’t see it that way and believe she’s in desperate straits.

As for her family … Britney’s very publicly shut her dad, Jamie, and sister, Jamie Lynn out of the picture. Her mom, Lynne, flew to L.A. a few months ago to help her daughter, but that relationship has since fallen apart as well.

Our sources say Britney’s older brother, Bryan, has occasionally been trying to help Britney since her split with Sam — going to her house to workout, and offering to do what he can — but we’re told Bryan’s walking on eggshells, as Britney’s just too volatile.

Meanwhile, a family insider close to Spears opened up that Britney is confident to win her case against Sam which is why she has hired finest Hollywood divorce lawyer Laura Wasser to fight on singer’s behalf.

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