Boosie Badazz Admits Viral Confrontation With Gay Man Was Fake [Video]

The back and forth trolling escapades involving Boosie Badazz and Lil Nas X seemed to have subsided for the time being, but the Louisiana rapper has continued to face accusations of homophobia.

via: AceShowbiz

Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) has addressed a viral video featuring him being confronted by a gay man. In a new interview with VladTV, the Baton Rouge star claimed that the video was fabricated for a movie.

“That was a film, we were doing a film and it was a part of a film. It didn’t happen in real life like that,” he told DJ Vlad. “It was a scene to a film.”

Boosie added that the movie was slated for release on Christmas Day, though he also optioned a Valentine’s Day release. “It’s a great film. It’s the funniest film I damn near ever saw in my life,” said the rapper. “It’s that funny, bro. You gon’ have your stomach hurtin’. Like I say, Vlad, I’m dropping four films every year. I found a way.”

In the viral clip, Boosie was seen being confronted by a fan of Lil Nas X. . “I know you! You the rapper Lil Boosie that’s talking about my friends and my niece, my niece Lil Nas X? That’s my niece,” the man yelled at Boosie. “B***h, I’ll beat you up, talk s**t now.”

People did notice that there was a boom mic and cameras in the frame, but that didn’t stop them to accuse Boosie of being “homophobic” as he could be heard calling the man “f****t.” He told the man, “Whoever the f**k you is, you better get the f**k out my face. … F**k you, b***h!” He continued, “Ol’ f****t a** b***h!”

Despite his comments on Lil Nas X, Boosie recently claimed that he doesn’t hate the “Montero” artist. During an Instagram Live on November 5, he showed a TV playing Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” featuring Jack Harlow. He then told his fans, “That’s the TV playing that s**t.”

“Man, I ain’t got nothing against that dude to where I hear his music and go run and turn it off. Man, y’all people lost, man. I don’t hate that dude. Like, bruh. Y’all people lost, bruh,” Boosie explained. The 38-year-old elaborated further, “I just put people in they place when they out of line, bruh. I don’t hate dude, bruh.”

Leave it alone Boosie.

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