Beyoncé's Team Reveals How They Pulled Off Her Secret 'BEYONCÉ' Release


We’ve already heard from one person involved (sort of) with Beyoncé’s secret project, now the more of her team dishes to ELLE about what went in to keeping such a major release under wraps.

Check out a few highlights!

Producer Hit-Boy (“Flawless”, “XO”) on finding out about Beyonce’s release:  

“My DJ came upstairs into my studio and told me Beyoncé just dropped her album. I was just as surprised as everybody else!” 

“I was just wondering ‘Is this gonna pay off?’ I knew it was Beyoncé… when the time is right, it was gonna happen. But I worked really hard. It was great for music. You’re giving people a whole package where they couldn’t judge it before. It was amazing for all of us.”

Stylist Ty Hunter charged with overseeing the 17 music videos & on keeping the disc’s production a secret:

“Well, people knew things were going on. But the thing is, we’re such a tight-knit family.” (People on set signed non-disclosure agreements) “When you finally see the final project, you’re just like ‘I can’t believe we survived it. We were able to pull this off which is unheard of. It’s just a celebration for the whole team. This is history that has been made!””

Ty on picking out looks for “Grown Woman”:

“I’d have it sent and pray that the pieces and the packages would be received by different hotels in other countries”  He added that he felt “blessed” to have five premier stylists—B. Akerlund, Lysa Cooper, Marni Senofonte, Karen Langley, and Raquel Smith—assisting him.

Model Shaun Ross, (“Pretty Hurts”), on being secretive:

“You had to put your phone away. Beyoncé has always been this person who is super-secretive with the things that she does, as far as with her camp and her family. They’re also very secretive and very intuitive with her vision and keeping things under wraps.”

Director Jonas Akerlund  (“Haunted” “Superpower”) on learning about the project in May 2012:

“We listened to some of these songs already back then. And then we started to talk about different ideas. (They shot some of the videos in September). “So actually at the very end of it [Beyoncé’s team] were all waiting for my videos to be finished”. He says he turned in his videos 24-hours before the project was released!

“The fact that she managed to do 17 videos and the music and have it all ready, it’s just proof that everybody that works for her truly believes in what she does. Everybody that works for Beyoncé really loves her.”

You can read the rest of the story via ELLE.

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