Beyoncé Surprises Walmart Shoppers and Gifts Them with $50 Gift Cards [Photo + Video]


Beyoncé spread a little holiday cheer yesterday when she showed up to a local Walmart.

Not only were fans delighted by Bey’s presence, but she took it a step further and bought 750 shoppers $50 gift cards. That amounts to $37,500!

She even got on the loudspeaker and announced:

“It’s Beyoncé. I stopped by the store today because my record just arrived. I want to send everyone a little gift. For everyone in the storeright now, the first $50 of your holiday gifts are on me. Merry, merry Christmas from Beyoncé.”

Is this Beyoncé’s way of sending a message to Target? The Walmart competitor is refusing to stock Beyoncé’s new album on shelves, so the timing of Bey’s surprise trip does seem a little too coincidental.

It should also be noted that you can’t hold a good girl down, because while Target is refusing to carry Beyoncé’s album, she’s shipped it to over 7000 Starbucks locations across the country — and a lot of Starbucks are located inside of Target stores!

Sneaky Bey!

Check out a video of Bey getting her shop on below!

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