You Better Work! Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis Rocks Red-Hot Heels in Annie Leibovitz's New Book [Photos]


Annie Leibovitz has snapped some of the world’s most famous people over the last four decades and she’s worked for major publications including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and even Vogue.

The photographer has taken some of her most famous images — including ones that have never been seen before — and included them in a new book that she’s been working on for several years.

The ‘sumo-sized’ collector’s edition book will set you back a whopping $2916, but will include a tripod-style stand to place it on.

Leibovitz said the stand is important since this is a book to display rather than read. She said:

 ‘It’s not really a book. It sits on a stand. You can find a photograph that you care about and leave the book open to that and sort of dwell on it.’

One photo we’ve been dwelling on is the above photo of Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis preparing to sprint in red-hot pumps.

You better work, Carl! Check out some more photos from the book below, featuring Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres & Steve Martin.

[via Daily Mail]

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