Better Call Oprah! Gayle King Says She Wants a Private Plane for Christmas

Oprah Winfrey made a surprise guest appearance when her publication, O, the Oprah Magazine, celebrated its latest “Oprah’s Favorite Things” holiday gift guide at Hearst Tower this past week.

Prior to Oprah’s arrival, Gayle King spoke to reporters and kept it real — she doesn’t have Oprah money.

“Just because you see me on TV does not mean I have to get you something extra nice,” Gayle told Page Six.

“You have to remember, it is always the thought that counts — so what I try to do is give people stuff that I know they would really like.”

As for what she wants herself, well it’s pretty expensive..

“I don’t know if I should say — it is unrealistic and it is so ostentatious. It is on my unrealistic wish bucket list,” said Gayle.

“I want a private plane. I think that is very exciting .?.?. And if that is out of reach, I would love a nice high heel that is comfortable. The shoes I have on right now are Aldo.”

She better call her good girlfriend Oprah, because that’s about the only person who could afford such a pricey gift.

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