BernNadette Stanis Slams Netflix's New 'Good Times' Cartoon [Video] |

BernNadette Stanis Slams Netflix’s New ‘Good Times’ Cartoon [Video]

Star of the original Good Times BernNadette Stanis is weighing in after the trailer for Netflix‘s forthcoming animated reboot led some fans to question whether the new project will indeed be “dynomite.”

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year after premiering in February 1974, Good Times focused on the Chicago-based Evans family, with the Norman Lear-produced series running for six seasons and earning praise for its realistic portrayal of a working-class Black family. After the first promo debuted last week for Netflix’s animated exploration of the Evans family’s current generation, plenty of social media users expressed surprise that the new series — which appears to double down on stereotypes with such elements as a drug-dealing infant — didn’t highlight the positive themes from the initial show.

BernNadette told TMZ, she was actually approached about being involved in the show when she first told about it — but in the end, it doesn’t sound like it came to fruition.

It also seems like what BS was pitched in the beginning as far as concept for the new series was also off in terms of execution — because she says she was told the reboot would be “progressive” … but now that the show is actually coming out, she feels it’s opposite.

BernNadette also tells us how the late, great Norman Lear — who created ‘Good Times’ — felt about the idea of a reboot when he was still with us … and there, too, it sounds like the whole thing might’ve been misguided from the beginning. That’s BernNadette’s view anyway.

Bottom line … BernNadette ain’t a fan of what she sees so far, but will watch the show when it’s fully out before she casts complete judgment.

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