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Jason Derulo Believes Diddy Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty [Video]

Diddy has a new defender in Hollywood.

via: Vibe

If you ask Jason Derulo, Diddy is innocent until he’s proven guilty. TMZ asked Derulo about the allegations surrounding his mentor, Sean Combs. “I know that you worked with Diddy and he’s helped your career a lot. Do you think that people should be giving him some grace, or at least giving him the grace in saying he is innocent until proven guilty?” asked the paparazzi. The pop star’s response asserted that he isn’t feeling the public labeling the mogul guilty without the facts and a trial. “I believe in innocence until proven guilty, for sure,” Derula replied.

While it may be shocking to see somebody finally jump out and say, “Hey, let’s wait to see what happens,” it’s not wildly unheard of. The idea of “innocence until proven guilty” is a part of an American’s fundamental rights. But, the statement isn’t explicitly noted in the U.S. Constitution. According to lawinfo.com, the presumption of one’s innocence is merely recognized as a due process right, which falls under the Fifth Amendment. Prosecutors are given the burden of proof to show that that person is “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.” And Comb’s legal team is determined to do just that.

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