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DDG Admits Halle Bailey Knew About His “Petty” Rubi Rose DM [Video]

In an interview with VladTV, rapper/influencer DDG—Halle Bailey’s romantic partner—recounted the time he infamously DM’d rapper Rubi Rose last year.

via: Vibe

The YouTuber references texting Rose after getting into an argument with Bailey on the track.

“They was tryna crucify me for an innocent text/ Like we actually linked, all the internet cap,” he rapped. “I sent that message while in front of her, a tit for a tat/ But I ain’t think that she would screenshot and post it at that/ Back and forth on Twitter, how the f**k I’m ‘posed to react?”

After being reminded of the song’s subject, DDG admitted that he only texted her because he was arguing with Bailey. He also referred to the text as “innocent.” The content creator went on to explain that he was trying to get the Little Mermaid’s attention, nothing more, nothing less.

“I did it in front of her. I had no intention of actually linking with Rubi Rose,” he recalled. “She seen it. Imagine you’re arguing with your girl and you get mad at her for something. ‘I’m finna do this. Watch this,’ type sh*t. I feel like people thought that I was like sneakily like, ‘Oh what you doing?’ and that’s when she posted it. I know what type of girl she is.”

DDG also touched on the difference between Halle Bailey’s and Rubi Rose’s “brands.” The Maybe It’s Me rapper claimed he convinced Rose to get an OnlyFans account. When asked whether he would support Halle creating one, DDG said he would be okay with it, regardless.

“She wouldn’t because her brand is completely different… But as an average female, or a female that don’t have that type of image, or that type of sh*t going for you, the OnlyFans sh*t, especially if you already lit, all you gotta do is– Bhad Bhabie made $50 million. $50 million the moment she turned 18. She ain’t on there f**king nobody. She just on their posting what she would post on Instagram. It was smart,” he said.

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