Bam Margera Says He ‘Was Basically Pronounced Dead,’ Had 4 Seizures After Pneumonia

Bam Margera “was basically pronounced dead” last month after suffering a series of seizures while hospitalized for pneumonia.

via Page Six:

The former professional skateboarder appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Steve-O’s Wild Ride!” podcast and explained that a “gnarly” case of COVID-19 spurred his health woes.

“My body was shutting down and I went into four seizures — each one lasting 10 to 20 minutes and on the fourth one, I bit my tongue so hard, it was nearly falling off,” he said.

“It was swollen and puffy and wouldn’t fit in my mouth and I was drinking infected blood, which gave me pneumonia as well, so when the shaman took me to the hospital I went on my fifth seizure, I couldn’t breathe without a tube down my throat.”

The former “Jackass” star woke up five days later thinking he had only been in the hospital for a couple of hours — wheh in reality, he had been there for eight days.

“When they took that tube out, I felt like I had sucked on Darth Vader’s d–k,” he joked. “I would sip on tea and lozenges all the live-long day.”

Although Margera is now able to joke about the whole thing, Steve-O revealed he thought his friend was going to die after seeing him on a ventilator.

However, it didn’t take him long to add with a laugh, “F—king Bam better not die. He’s on my tour, he’s going to ruin everything!”

Thankfully, Margera didn’t remember nearly dying or that his heart stopped and reassured the podcast host that he “didn’t have an out-of-body experience” but instead “blacked out.”

The update comes three weeks after Margera celebrated being released from the hospital on social media.

“I’m out!” he captioned a photo of himself alongside friend Johnny Schillereff on Instagram. “Thank you to my friends, family and you for the love, support and prayers. .”

He’s put his body through so much over the years — he really is lucky to still be among us.

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