Azealia Banks Says She’s a Victim of Racism, Misogyny After Perez Hilton Beef [Photos]

Azealia Banks revealed on Instagram that she feels she is a victim of racism and misogyny in light of her past beef with Perez Hilton.

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Azealia Banks is no stranger to dramatic episodes. She’s taken to social media to air out her issues before, but recently Banks made accusations on her Instagram account that are raising questions about her former Internet foe Perez Hilton.

On Thursday (Feb. 11), the “Black Madonna” rapper took to her Instagram Story to rehash the 2013 online beef she had with Perez back in 2013. According to her posts, Banks has been feeling the ripple effect of her spat with the gossip blogger even in 2021.

“I will never forgive you hoes for trading me out for Perez,” Banks wrote in her Instagram story. “After everything I have done for you ungrateful bitches. Y’all repaid me with racism, sabotage, misogyny, harassment, and bullshit sensationalism.”

Banks engaged in a war of words with Hilton on Twitter over eight years ago. Hilton tweeted that he wasn’t feeling her then-beef with rapper Angel Haze, and also expressed his thoughts about Banks’ willingness, or lack thereof, to work with Rihanna. The “212” rapper responded by calling Hilton, an openly gay blogger, the f-word. Banks fanned the flames of the beef by trying to explain her meaning of the slur.

Perez responded to her latest shots in a tweet shortly after screenshots of her post went viral. “And she calls me the f word again. Typical Azealia Banks,” Hilton tweeted. Over the years, Banks has gotten into numerous spats on Twitter. In 2019, the Harlem native and Vince Staples got into an online altercation over a collaboration that failed to come to fruition.

“Time to stop mentioning me . @vincestaples,” Banks tweeted. “I don’t need you to defend me nor do you need to throw my name out there when you need to virtue signal about how righteous of a brother you are then dip when I ask to collab. Leave it alone sweety.”

“Like where is the real respect for my artistry lol I sent this n—a a track too,” Banks continued. “If you aren’t tryna eat my ass or rap on my record Pleaaaaaaaase keep my name out of your mouth for ffs. I dont have the timeeeee. And I don’t need to be defended. And stop knocking off my sound.”

Vince responded by denying that the “Count Contessa” artist had made the collaboration request, but adds that she’s still one of his favorite rappers.

Hilton has yet to respond to Banks’ current claims.

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