Azealia Banks Claims Lady Gaga Asked Her To Feud With Nicki Minaj: 'That Woman Has Zero Respect For Black Women' [Photo]

Azealia Banks is unstoppable on Twitter as she has returned to the micro-blogging site since Elon Musk bought it for $44 billion. The outspoken raptress has now called out Lady GaGa for allegedly asking her to antagonize Nicki Minaj and disrespecting black women.

via: Radar Online

The topic came up on Monday after fans suggested that Gaga, 36, should be one of the next artists that Banks, 30, collaborates with.

“Lastly, no. That woman has zero respect for Black women,” Banks alleged while explaining why she was entirely against it. “I cannot ever respect her for literally asking me to beef with Nicki Minaj on her behalf, I refuse and send a less incendiary song, insinuates that were gonna spill Nicki’s *human blood* (f—ing eye roll).”

The Liquorice artist didn’t hold back during her social media tirade, alleging the “gays have been falling for [Gaga’s] hodge podge pseudo bs for years.”

“Like her deep deep jealousy and hatred for Nicki Minaj and the sneaky shit she was saying and trying to do behind the scenes was just gross,” Banks continued. “If I want to beef or pop s— about Nicki I will do so on my own accord. I will never do a white woman’s bidding for her. TUH.”

Banks doubled down by claiming she has “receipts” of such messages in an old phone.

The 212 performer hasn’t wasted any time speaking her mind after rejoining the social media platform in April. Fans have seen her accounts be suspended multiple times due to the controversial nature of her posts.

“Oh girlssssssssss lmao we are in this b—-,” Banks wrote last month via her Instagram page, sharing a new Twitter handle with her nearly one million followers on the platform.

Prior to her unproven claims about Gaga, she took time to praise Elon Musk for purchasing the social media giant for $44 billion.

“I actually have to thank Elon for buying Twitter, I actually got back on,” Banks wrote in an Instagram Story post. “The amount of money I lost by being banned from twitter and not having access to the fans/consumer base I worked SO HARD TO BUILD SERIOUSLY MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.”

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