Azealia Banks Calls Nicki Minaj 'Fat,' Dubs Megan Thee Stallion Liar [Photo]

Azealia Banks has a solid reputation for speaking whatever words come to her mind — no matter how outrageous, weird or cruel they are. For some reason on Wednesday she decided to take shots are Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion.

via: AceShowbiz

The controversial rapper took to her Instagram account to attack the “Anaconda” rapper and the “Good News” artist.

The attack arrived after Azealia caught wind of a tweet suggesting that she could have been a “contemporary” version of Nicki. Instead of being flattered, Azealia apparently found the comparison offensive.

Of the new mom, Azealia said, “Would much rather be ssri free and unhinged than fat and ‘tolerable’ with a Percocet addiction.” The “Anna Wintour” raptress continued saying, “Barbs keep forgetting nicki is blacklisted for mocking the Vatican on live broadcast TV. Ken Erlich canceled her LONG TIME AGO.”

Seemingly alluding that she’s better than Nicki, Azealia added, “Azealia Banks has a f**ked up sense of humor, but no history of opioid abuse and no history of caping for snitches and pedophiles. Azealia Banks is exponentially more redeemable than Nicki Minaj.”

Not stopping there, Azealia also blasted Megan unprovoked. Referring to the Hot Girl Summer’s shooting scandal with Tory Lanez, Azealia wrote, “I would never be Megan the stallion because I would never lie about getting shot in the foot to gain public sympathy and capitalize on the protect black women narrative conveniently when Breonna Taylor’s untimely demise is National news just to then release a horrible album.”

“Meg got some joints that I like, but she was ZERO diversity. I am a human and an artist, I’m not a commodity,” she continued.

She also accused Nicki of “relying” on Doja Cat and Megan’s “TikTok success and the kindness of their hearts to allow her to piggyback off of their relevancy (then turns around and disses them and says some shady s**t in a live about tik tok )when if it wasn’t for dojar or Meg. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE WOULD GIVE A FLYING F**K ABOUT NICKI MANAJ AND THAT BORING A** PERCOCET MUSIC IN 2021. Barbs, please humble yourselves.”

Concluding her rant, Azealia wrote, “Azealia Banks is THE LEAST problematic, The Most Talentd, Has the most integrity And you all can kiss my a** with this bulls**t.”

Surely Azealia has better things to do than worry about the girls.

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