Astroworld Tragedy, Houston PD Issue Final Report on Travis Scott Concert

Ten people were killed at a Travis Scott concert in Houston. Investigators said a crowd surged toward the stage.

via: TMZ

Victims at Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy were alarmed the concert continued as they were fighting for their lives, and one security guard even went back stage pleading with Travis’ team to stop the concert … but his team refused to alert Travis.

Police just released their 1,266-page report … which includes interviews with hundreds of concert attendees, many of whom suffered injuries and were hospitalized. Some of them paint a grisly picture of what happened in November of 2021 … as the crowd surge resulted in a stampede.

The report says the security guard, Marty, made it backstage to the audio area to try and stop the show while Drake was performing. Marty said he made it clear to two members of Travis’ team who allegedly had the ability to communicate with Travis that the concert needed to end, but he was blocked.

The man says Travis’ team did not want to shut the show down because Drake had three more songs left … and he says he told them the situation was “much bigger than Drake” but says Travis’ team “actively impeded the ability for anyone to stop the show.”

Police interviewed Drake and asked if he noticed any problems going on in the crowd while he was on stage and he told cops it was difficult to see from his vantage point because there were a lot of lights and it was his first time ever on that stage and he wasn’t able to rehearse.

Drake also told cops he didn’t hear anyone in the crowd begging to stop the show, explaining that his ear piece drowns out a lot of outside noise.

The report also says Drake told police he met up with Travis after the show and at that point they did not know about the tragic incident in the crowd. Drake said his manager later informed him of what happened.

Travis is still facing civil lawsuits over the deadly concert and if it turns out people on his team were blocking folks from stopping the show it could have legal consequences in those suits.

The police report is also filled with details from concertgoers … including one named Ayden who said he felt like he was “losing oxygen and he began to yell for help as he fell to the ground.” His friend, Brianna, was nearby and he heard her yelling, “I can’t breathe” and he went into “survival mode.”

Ayden says he got himself out of the pile, but “it did not help that the music continued on playing even though it was clear people were being trampled on.” He says he got to the front of the stage and tried to get Travis’ attention to stop the concert, but was unable to do so.

Aside from the obvious stamped issues that occurred during the chaos, another fan believed the lighting on the stage caused him to have a seizure. He told police he had no history of seizures and had not taken any drugs that night.

The report also includes interviews with first responders who describe the absolutely horrific scene. One Houston firefighter said they had worked on 11 cardiac arrest patients within 46 minutes, and observed one person with a crushed larynx, one overdose and several other injuries.

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