Ariana Grande's Catwoman Preys on Penn Badgley in new 'The Boy Is Mine' Video, Also Starring Monica and Brandy |

Ariana Grande’s Catwoman Preys on Penn Badgley in new ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Video, Also Starring Monica and Brandy

Ariana Grande‘s claws come out in her new “The Boy Is Mine” music video, which arrived Friday morning (June 7) featuring surprise cameos from Brandy and Monica.

In her new music video for “The Boy Is Mine,” the third for her latest album, Eternal Sunshine, the singer sews and then dons a catsuit, becoming Catwoman in a tale of obsession.

As the story unfolds, Grande’s vixen, who has prepared a love potion with a bubblegum pink hue worthy of Wicked’s Glinda for her city’s mayor, pursues young official Max Starling (Penn Badgley). Her character seems unhealthily fixated on Max, with all her self-made pictures of him and a shrine for him in her apartment. Meanwhilie, Badgley’s portrayal of Max is a reversal of his role as an obsessive stalker in the show You.

But while Grande is surely the cat’s meow, the highlight of the video is a cameo from Monica and Brandy, the R&B chanteuses behind the 1998 single “The Boy Is Mine,” which inspired Grande’s song of the same name. The pair appear as news anchors, discussing the mayor’s press conference and the laundry list of issues facing the city.

While the original “The Boy Is Mine” is about two women fighting over the same man, Grande’s “reimagining” of it focuses largely on her own pursuit of the object of her affections. She said previously that many of her fans “love a bad-girl anthem,” adding, “This is, I think, an elevated version of that.”

It seems Monica and Brandy have given Grande their blessing with their slick cameos.

When Grande announced her plans to reimagine the song, the news raised eyebrows, with some thinking it could be about her current paramour — and Wicked costar — Ethan Slater. She reportedly started dating Slater after her split from her husband Dalton Gomez, while Slater was married when he first met Grande but filed for divorce last July.

But the video doesn’t seem to imply the song is autobiographical, instead placing the track in a world of fantasy.

via: EW

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