Anita Baker Slams Critics Over Rumored Luther Vandross, Maxwell, And Babyface Beefs

Anita Baker is setting the record straight.

via: Vibe

Anita Baker has no problem defending herself, especially when being called out by fans over her alleged disrespectful behavior involving Babyface, Maxwell, and Luther Vandross.

After one Twitter user bashed the songstress over a rumored business dealing with Maxwell in a since-deleted tweet, Baker responded to the allegation with, “Dear Sir. My Companies, have No contract for Co-headling concerts. My Corps execute Percentage Agreements, with its Trademark as headliner. I have Never, worked with my friend Maxwell. Your statements, constitute Slander & create liability,” wrote the 65-year-old.

Once the tweet was deleted, she was seemingly offended that the person didn’t apologize for the slander. However, she wasn’t done addressing other claims, including the incident back in May where Babyface wasn’t allowed to perform during a concert in Newark, N.J. for an undisclosed reason.

The singer-songwriter released a statement on the matter at the time, writing, “I am truly sorry to my fans who have been waiting for us to hit the stage this evening at @PruCenter. I was asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker her space and time to perform her show in its entirety. My band and I are extremely saddened we didn’t get to perform for y’all tonight.”

For those unaware, Babyface is the opener for Baker’s Songstress Tour.

Baker addressed the matter on Tuesday (June 5), tweeting, “Dear Sir, Live Nation, took Full responsibility. I Went on My Stage, at the appropriate time. Did my job without benefit of full production… I *Did, my Job/Lifelong Profession. Your public statements are false.”

Regarding a separate incident, she later added, “Another, Truth?… My company defended & Prevailed against the lawsuit filed, (Not by Babyface, but by his reps. at the time). Kenny, came to me YEARS ago, in the Spirit of Community & WE put It ALL, behind us. & came Together, in Love, Peace, Music & Community & 4giveness.”

When speaking on rumored wrongdoing during her time touring with Luther Vandross, Baker confessed that they had disagreements, but were “successful business partners.”

Her closing message read, “As Creators, in multi-billion dollar industries?… When, WE decide to put aside our differences. We can Invest our Energies/Light into Creating Jobs, Commerce & Community. Celebrate Each Other. Ok. Auntie, is done.”

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