Angela Yee Reacts to Jess Hilarious Officially Landing Her ‘Breakfast Club’ Spot |

Angela Yee Reacts to Jess Hilarious Officially Landing Her ‘Breakfast Club’ Spot

Angela Yee is welcoming new co-host Jess Hilarious as she takes over as Angela’s replacement on ‘The Breakfast Club.’

via Complex:

Yee, who ranked at No. 14 on last year’s Complex Hip-Hop Media Power Ranking, gave Hilarious a shout-out on the latest episode of her podcast Way Up with Angela Yee.

“Shout out to Jess Hilarious, they just announced that she is the new third host of The Breakfast Club,” Yee said. “We love Jess Hilarious, so congratulations.”

Later on during the “Shine a Light’ segment at the two-minute mark, Yee gave another mention to Hilarious. “She’s got her own podcast, she’s a comedian, we know her from Wild ‘N Out, we know her from her ‘Jess With the Mess.'”

“She’s an actress,” added Yee’s co-host Jasmine Brand. The two then acknowledged that they’d recently seen the biographical crime film, First Lady of BMF: The Tonesa Welch Story, which co-stars Hilarious.

“I just remember feeling, ‘Okay, that was dope.’ But congratulations to her. I know it’s not an easy job,” Yee said.

Hilarious has been soaking up the announcement of her new spot on The Breakfast Club, even celebrating it at a special event this week.

Yee, who left The Breakfast Club in December 2022, recently chatted with Complex and determined that Hilarious is “the person they’ve kind of settled on,” although she claimed to have “no inside information.”

The Breakfast Club announced Hilarious as officially filling the third seat on the radio show on Monday. The new season will begin with her on Feb. 5.

Watch the episode below.

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